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Total Yoni Care Package

Total Yoni Care Package

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Let’s keep our Yoni in great health. Purchase your entire All Natural Yoni and Coochie Spa Kit.

Includes steaming instructions. Sterile basin, All natural Yoni herbs 2 servings, all natural 4oz  wash and all natural Yoni 4oz love oil. 1 pk of Toxic Free Panty liners or pads. 

◦ Enhance Wetness (especially if you suffer from dryness) ◦ Relieve stress ◦ Maintain good vaginal health ◦ Enhance stimulation ◦ Helps eliminate odor ◦ Helps to regulate irregular menstrual cycle ◦ Helps heal the reproductive system after childbirth ◦ Increase circulation ◦ Reduces period cramps ◦ Helps to heal & detox the uterus ◦ Boost fertility.