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Soulful Scents Candles

Soulful Scents Candles

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Enjoy the aromatic Ambience of our 9oz Soulful Leaders and has lead the way in leadership, being bold, and unapologetic. Blends of all natural luxury soy and coconut wax. cruelty free and toxic-free fragrance. Enjoy our History. Enjoy the ambience of the pure and soul. Created and Will give you the best enchanting and of course the elegance of our ancestors scents of wisdom. The SOULFUL Scents all natural candle wax blended with pure essential, the unforgettable fragrance and will truly bless your home and hearts with the purpose to know our history lives day to day.

Choose your Soulful Leader, and enjoy The Manager Specials of The enchanting blends of floral and herbal blends essence enhance with fresh bergamot, wild lavender, patchouli and sandalwood and soothing musk.

9oz. All Natural Blended Soy And Coconut Luxury wax

cotton wick

Toxic-free Fragrances

Burning time of 100 hrs 

please burn candle with care.