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She Woke Differently

She Woke Differently

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She Woke Up Differently is the new added cultural candle. Our culture is lit for all the greatest reasons. Itz more than being black girl magic, it just making it happening and never allowing the light to dim, it’s staying ambitious and bringing the integrity into your everyday walk and overall goals in life as black woman.

This is to the new age of women who refuse to stay sleep on themselves. Who would of ever thought we will be making Black Girl Magic happen even more with the light of the candle and setting the ambience to speak the volumes of greatness. 

This is our newly added candles. It is an all natural soy and coconut wax blend, all cotton wick, fragrant with toxic free, phthalate free, vegan friendly, and cruelty free fragrance. 


Product Details-

-All Natural Soy and Coconut blended wax

- Re-usable, CLear Glass jars with threaded metal lids

- Eco Friendly, cleaning burning with an all cotton Wick

Scented: Honey, Cashmere, Gods Love, soft and calming clean scent that leaves your atmosphere with A woman’s touch and her love. 

- 60 + hour burn time

- Made in Ga