Try our new spring collection Cotton Candy, Spring it Out, & Rosemary Hands all natural soy candles. Also our newly Essential Rootz skincare. all natural and plant based skincare. Allergy season is in & we have to make sure we are caring for our total body. Inside and Outside. We look forward in serving you all. Due note there is a 3-5 business processing time.

HER Day (MotHER’s Day Mystery Box)
HER Day (MotHER’s Day Mystery Box)
HER Day (MotHER’s Day Mystery Box)

HER Day (MotHER’s Day Mystery Box)

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Let’s keep HER amazed. Share your LOVE for HER. Keep HER garden growing and glowing. MotHERs are the best gift to children. So bless HER with a few quality of care, truly unforgettable and memorable this MotHER’s DAY.

Why not it’s another day to keep cHERishing HER.


The box full of aroma, tHERapy, conversation, healing, and HERbal love!

HER Box will have amazing self-care spa products such as  natural soaps, bath bombs, body butters, body oils, natural candles. We have amazing surprises to help HER with those MOMents of relaxation.

Starting at $49.99, and $69.99

HER  Special Box : $49.99

HER Love  box: $69.99

*all boxes are created with a variety of assortments.