Try our new spring & summer collection Blue Lagoon Cotton Candy, Spring it Out, & Rosemary Hands all natural soy candles. Also our newly Essential Rootz skincare. All natural & plant based skincare. Allergy season is in & we have to make sure we are caring for our total body inside & out. We look forward in serving you all. Due note there is a 3-5 business processing time.

Men’s Spa Collection
Men’s Spa Collection
Men’s Spa Collection

Men’s Spa Collection

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Every man deserves to be groomed, feel their manhood, fulfill the atmosphere with kingship. So allow  their glow to enlighten and brighten the room and give more to their  lifestyle.
Our MENS collections speaks volumes even if they just are breezing right by you. 

Choose your four piece set

  • All Natural 9 oz Luxury soy candle,
  • 4.5 oz all natural cleansing bar, 
  • 4 oz. body oil,
  • 2 oz body butter, or 2 oz.body scrubs          
  • The manly way!